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April 2014 - Sue Emerson:

Dear Jeff,

A swift email from a stranger in England to thank you for the information you posted about the convalescent home in Margate.  I’m researching my family history and was interested to learn only this week that my mother’s elder sister died of T.B. at the home described on her death certificate as the “Victoria Home for Invalid Children” in Margate.  Surely this must have been the same place you were taken for your “sickliness”? It was interesting to see and hear about some of the conditions there, but I expect you were there some time in the 50s, whereas Elsie died in 1920.


Hi, Sue.

Thanks for your email. It's always good to hear that people are finding interest in my web pages. Although I have had quite a bit of feedback about various topics on my website, you are the first to comment on the Victoria Convalescent Home.

I was actually in the convalescent home in 1947/1948 rather than in the 1950s. That's still, of course, much later than when your mother's sister was there.

September 2017 - Robin Buckland:

Hi Jeff.

I found some papers which show that my dad went to the Victoria Home in Margate about the time you went there in 1947. His name was John Percy Buckland.

Just checking if you knew him. He had been there for some time.


Hi, Robin.

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I was only five years old when I was there and so have no memory of the names of the staff or children I met there. However, I will add your note to the website; perhaps someone reading it will recognize the name of your dad and contact me.