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Paul Robinson’s Goblin

In November 2012, Paul Robinson wrote to me to tell me about his Goblin Dinghy.

Hi Jeff

It was great to come across your Website. For years and years I too had never seen or heard of any other Goblins, though I know they must have been out there.

My Goblin, “Dipper”, was built in 1966/67 by my dad for me and my sister to use on our annual summer holidays in Scourie on the NW coast of Scotland. From 1968 until 1979 it travelled from the NE of England to Scourie on the roof of an old Rover 80 which also pulled a caravan.

Back in 1997, with my own children enjoying Norfolk Broads sailing holidays, Dipper was cleaned up and recommissioned as a tender to various sailing hire boats. Her original cotton sail was slightly the worse for wear so I had a new modern sail made for me by Jeckells with a higher aspect ratio. I also made a new lighter boom and gaff.

My three daughters learned to sail and now my second daughter is waiting for her two children to become old enough to sail in Dipper, too.

This winter Dipper is sitting on her trailer under her boat cover in good repair waiting for my grandchildren. When Daisy (the eldest) sails her, Dipper will have taught four generations of Robinsons to sail over 47 years!

All the best.

Paul Robinson

So now we have details of seven Goblins. Three of them have class numbers: 194, 389 and 633, and four don’t. To say the least, that’s not many given that the class number of Rich’s Goblin indicates that plans for over six hundred were sold! Many may not have survived the years but many more may be stored away in garages and other places.

I would like to track down the stories of more of the several hundred Goblins that were built and sailed. If any readers of these pages can add any information, please let me know.

Paul had enclosed a small photo of Dipper and I asked him if he had more photos. He wrote back:

Hi Jeff. I’ve managed to track down some photos:

The first two were taken in 1970 at Scourie on the northwest coast of Scotland and the third in 1979 at Ullswater. In all three, Dipper still had her original cotton sail.

The one taken in 1999 at Ullswater shows Dipper carrying me and two third-generation users.

2002 Stanborough shows the other third-generation user who's daughter will soon be sailing, rowing and fishing from Dipper. In this picture Dipper has her new lighter spars and the new sail, the shape and dimensions being modeled on a line drawing of a “Cockle” dinghy that appeared in issue no. 1 of Watercraft magazine. I thought it looked better than the original sail dimensions.

Dipper never had a sail number as far as I know and my father didn't like logos on sails. The original cotton sail was made by a sailmaker in North Shields. The new man-made sail is by Jeckells.

Best regards.


1970 Scourie

1983 Scourie

1970 Scourie

1979 Ullswater

1983 Scourie

1998 New sail and boom

1999 Ullswater

1998 New sail and boom

1998 Sanding and varnishing

2014 Dipper on her trailer

2002 Stanborough

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