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May 2010

1st May: The second monthly repayment from Loan 16 to Peter came in today.

12th May: Today I received an email about Loan 17 - Los Esforzados De Nueva Imperial. The group is doing well. Pedro bought his jigsaw, which has been very useful and he has succeeded in increasing his production and sales.

15th May: Regular repayments came in except, as usual, for Peter and also for Loan 23 - Beou Chantha.
I made my 24th loan to Beata Narcisa De Jesus Bailon Flores who lives in Ecuador. She is 54 years old and has four children. She works at a fish factory and, aside from this, also makes a living selling clothing by informally visiting clients at their homes. With this new loan she plans to invest in the purchase of clothes for Mother's Day since that month is a good one for sales.

With the repayments that came in today, minus the new loan I made, I have just over $10 in my Kiva account. Therefore, I added another $15 so that I will have enough money to make my second loan of the month.

16th May: Today I made my 25th loan to Bright Future Employees, Kihihi Group. This is a
group of nine men and women living in Kihihi, Uganda. The highlighted member, Moses Turyatunga, is the father of two children. He is a teacher and owns a general store in Kihihi to earn additional income since a teacher’s pay is not sufficient to support a family. He will use his portion of the loan to buy more merchandise for his store. He is the one with a raised hand in the photo.

17th May: I received a parcel from Kiva headquarters in San Francisco! Kiva is setting up a system to send tokens of appreciation to volunteers who reach certain milestones and there will be three levels that volunteers can reach. It seems that with over 10,000 loans edited, I have already passed all three milestones! Therefore they sent me a thank-you card, three milestone cards based on an exotic-tree theme, a Kiva pen, a Kiva mug, two packets of certified organic herbal tea, a Kiva tote bag and a Kiva aluminum water bottle.

18th May: The third monthly repayment from Loan 16 to Peter came in today.

19th May: I received an email from Kiva about Loan 8 to Rehema Mbarikiwa who lives in Tanzania. As far as I know, Rehema repaid the loan to the field partner in Tanzania but they did not remit the funds back to Kiva and so I have not received any repayments from her. The reason given is that the Tanzanian government will not let the field partner remit the funds out of the country. There are, however, other field partners in Tanzania who are operating without problem. Kiva has decided that repayment is unlikely and so has changed the status of the loan from delinquent to defaulted. There is, however, a small possibility that the funds will be repaid some time in the future.


The US$245 I have invested in Kiva has now provided 27 loans of $25 for a total of $675 in loans!

14 loans have been repaid, 1 has defaulted and 12 are still active.

June 2010

4th June: Today I made my 26th loan to Julia Villagaray Palomino who lives in Peru.
Julia is the single mother of a young son. She works as a field hand and is a very enterprising woman with a desire to help her son get ahead. After putting forth great effort, she was able to save up enough money to begin having her house built. She needs this loan in order to finish it.

15th June: Repayments came in today. Loan 17 to Los Esforzados De Nueva Imperial Group is now fully repaid. Loan 20 to Ramil Abdullayev failed to make his first repayment and so is delinquent.

I made my 27th loan to Chim Neam in Cambodia.
She is an older mother blessed with five children, three of whom are single and employed at different occupations to help the family. Chim Neam raises a few pigs and rice crops on her own land next to her house. Additionally, she goes to the forest with her husband to collect burnable oil from trees and turn it into glue to sell (it is used in furniture making). This is her second loan from Kiva. She will be using this loan to purchase more tools used to collect the burnable oil. With any remaining money from the loan, she will repair her old house that is often cracking.

19th June: Two repayments came in for Loan 14 to Elver Ventura Mantari. It’s repayments are ahead of schedule.

24th June: A payment came in for Loan 20 to Ramil Abdullayev so his loan is no longer delinquent. It seems there was a glitch with the field partner that has now been sorted out and the loan is now back on track.


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