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I have just edited my 500th Kiva loan. It was a loan to Elvira Lumagod who lives in the Philippines. I decided to mark this occasion by using the repaid money in my Kiva account to make this my 7th loan, even though the Field Partner, CEVI, has only two stars.

Elvira is twenty-five years old and is married with two children. She sells used clothes and fish. She will use the loan to buy more used clothes to sell and, in addition, part of the loan will be used to buy more fish to sell. The loan will help Elvira's family to grow her businesses.


An eventful day. The big news is that, having edited over 250 loans in my first three weeks as a Kiva editor, I have been selected by Kiva as their volunteer of the month!

The second news is that Sonia (my 1st loan) has now fully repaid her loan. Way to go, Sonia! At the same time, the Domingo de Ramos Group (my 3rd loan) has made their fourth payment a month early and Lider Flores Pezo De Pinedo (my 4th loan) has paid both her first and her second payments together, the second payment being a month early. Now I have another $25 in my account waiting to be re-loaned.

15th April 2009

23rd April 2009

I have just heard that I was Kiva’s #1 editor of English-language loans in April, editing a total of 517 loans.

7th May 2009

20th May 2009

The 15th of the month is when repayments appear in lenders’ accounts. I find today that the Domingo de Ramos group, my third loan, have made their final repayment installment, fully a month early. They become my second loan to be fully repaid.

Also, with the exception of my second loan, for which payments are not due until September, all my other loans made a repayment installment, all early. In fact, Elvira’s repayment installment was two months early!

With all the repayments, I now have enough money in my account to make another loan.

15th May 2009
Today I edited my 1,000th Kiva loan. It was for Rehema Mbarikiwa who lives in Zanzibar. Rehema sells clothes and is looking for a $350 loan to buy more clothes to sell so as to expand her business. She makes a living of US$90 a month from her sales.

Since my editing of this loan coincided with sufficient money in my account, I decided to celebrate by making Rehema my 8th loan. Click on the photo to see more details on the Kiva website.


I have just heard that I was again Kiva’s #1 editor of English-language loans in May, editing a total of 588 loans.

7th June 2009

It’s the time of the month for repayments again. Another loan is fully repaid - my fourth loan to Lider Flores Pezo De Pinedo - repaid a month ahead of schedule. Three of my loans are now fully repaid.

All of my other loans are on track; most are ahead of their repayment schedules. I now have $20 in my account.

In preparation for my next loan, I have added another $5 so that I have $25 ready to go.

15th June 2009

Total invested to date (U.S. dollars): $130.  Number of loans made: 8.  Loans fully repaid: 3.  Loans still running: 5.

Click here to see a summary of all my loans on the Kiva website

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