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May 2011

15th May: With this month’s repayments, three more loans became fully repaid: loan 25 to Bright Future Employees, Kihihi Group, loan 37 to Rosita Bancud and loan 41 to Lourdes.

16th May: I received an email about Mercedes Olivera Ramos (Loan 40) who has one repayment remaining. Mercedes requested her loan to purchase some products for her home. The email said that she has had no problems paying her loan and feels very happy that she could supply her needs.

28th May: As I mentioned previously, I provide assistance on the Volunteer Forum, the online system where Kiva editors and translators can post questions and receive answers about the loans they are working on. I research their questions about loans and provide answers where I can. Today I posted my 1000th message to the Forum.

The US$250 I invested in Kiva provided 44 loans of $25 for a total of $1100 in loans!

All 44 loans have been fully repaid!

June 2011

13th June: I received in the mail an Olive Tree Award and a lined journal as a gift from Kiva. This was in recognition of the anniversary of my Baobab Tree Award and the continuing support that I provide to the volunteer editors and translators.

15th June: With this month’s repayments, Loan 40 to Mercedes Olivera Ramos became fully repaid.

The last four loans that were still being paid off have now been fully repaid: loans 32 (Lucia) and 42 (Aurelia Ccahuana De Bohorquez) in July, loan 44 (Yolanda Carrasco Flores) in August and loan 43 (Emelda Serna) in November. Having received these final repayments my involvement with Kiva, which spanned a period of almost three years, came to an end. I decided to withdraw the US$250 that had accumulated in my Kiva account and it was transferred back to my PayPal account.

I found my Kiva project to be both enjoyable and worthwhile and I can recommend a similar project to anyone looking to help those people in the world who are less fortunate than ourselves. You can help either by offering to edit or translate loan descriptions or by making loans to borrowers. Or you can do both, of course!


The final repayments

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