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September 2010

2nd September: A nice surprise today in that Loan 16 to Peter, which was delinquent, paid its last two instalments and so is now fully repaid!

On the downside, Loan 21 to Eliot Akatunanura is delinquent. Eliot has made four of his twelve repayments but is behind on his fifth. So I went from one delinquent loan (Peter) to none, and back to one (Eliot).

6th September: Today I edited my 13,000th Kiva loan. Since I started editing Kiva loans nearly nineteen months ago, I have averaged over 24 loans per day, every day. Now, at 13,000 loans, I feel that it’s time for a change so I am talking to Kiva about reducing my editing after the end of this month and changing my role in some fashion. Discussions are ongoing.

13th September: As there was enough money in my account from repayments, I made by 32nd loan to Lucia in Peru. I was enchanted by the photo of Lucia with her donkeys and broke my rule of choosing only short-term loans. Lucia is using the loan to buy potato seeds and fertilizer and will be repaying her loan in one payment next August when her crop is harvested. Lucia is 56 years old and lives with her sisters in her own house.

15th September: Repayments came in today. Juan Lorenzo Tello Cabrera (Loan 22) and Beata Narcisa De Jesus Bailon Flores (Loan 24) both made their last repayments and so are fully repaid. That makes twenty of my loans that have been repaid. More good news: Eliot Akatunanura (Loan 21) made two payments: last month’s and this month’s, so he is no longer delinquent.

The repayments gave me enough money in my account to make my 33rd loan. This loan is to Leonid Nosovskiy who lives in Berdyansk, which the loan description says is a great resort place on the Azov Sea in Ukraine. He is married with two grownup children. He owns a small business selling various electrical goods such as outlets, wires, drills, and so forth and needs the loan to purchase additional inventory.

28th September: Today I received an email about my loan to Betty Federoso (Loan 30). It reports that Betty’s business is doing well and that she can now afford to buy important needs for her family. Betty says, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Salamat sa tanan ug. God bless and more power to us all!”


The US$245 I have invested in Kiva has now provided 35 loans of $25 for a total of $875 in loans!

21 loans have been repaid and 14 are still repaying.

October 2010

1st October: Beou Chantha (Loan 23) did not pay her instalment last month. Today, it is one month late so her loan has been marked “delinquent”.

15th October: Repayments came in and I made my 34th loan to Felix in Peru. He is described as a 63-year-old mischievous single man who lives with his 52-year-old sister in his own home. He has been farming ever since he was a child, sowing corn, peas and potatoes.  With the loan, he will buy organic fertilizer and potato seeds, since he is now ready to plant.

16th October: The remaining repayments came in today. Surprise! Beou Chantha (Loan 23) whose loan was delinquent, paid off her loan in full today!

I made my 35th loan to Jopeth Jay in the Philippines. He is 21 years old and had to stop going to school because of financial difficulties in his family. Now, he is happy because his pig-raising and farming businesses enable him to continue his college education. He says it’s a challenge to manage work and school but he is determined to finish college and find a job. His loan will be used to purchase farm supplies, four piglets, and to repair his pig pen.


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