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July 2010

1st July: Another payment came in for Loan 20 to Ramil Abdullayev, this time a large amount equivalent to his next four repayments. This puts him well ahead of his repayment schedule.

11th July: I received an email as an update on Loan 18 to Merlinda Aceron in the Philippines. It said that Merlinda’s business is going well and that the money helps her in many ways, especially for the improvement of her business and in providing some of the needs of her family. She says “daghang salamat” which is Filipino for “many thanks”.
15th July: Three repayments came in today and I had enough money in my account to make my 28th loan, this one to Isabel Albon's Group. The three members of this group, who live in the Philippines, guarantee each other’s repayments. Isabel, the leader of the group, is married and has two school-aged children. She has a business selling fish in the local community which she has been doing for over five years. This is her second loan which she will use for house repair.

17th July: Repayments seem to be slower coming in this month; two more came in today, including the one for Loan 19 to Juntas Si Podemos which makes that loan fully repaid.

20th July: One more repayment came in yesterday and one today so that I now have enough
money in my account to make another loan. I took advantage of this to make my 29th loan to Sousdey Sok who lives in Cambodia. He is 41 years old and his wife is 28 years old. They have been married since 2001 and have one son who is in school. He and his wife currently live with their parents and Sousdey, who is a military policeman, is applying for the loan to build his own house.

22nd July: BIG NEWS TODAY: Loan 8 to Rehema Mbarikiwa in Tanzania, a loan that I made in May 2009, was in default as I had never received any repayments on this loan. Today, I received $25 in full repayment. Now, all my loans are either repaid or are in the process of being repaid! No defaults!


The US$245 I have invested in Kiva has now provided 31 loans of $25 for a total of $775 in loans!

17 loans have been repaid, 13 are still repaying and 1 is delinquent.

August 2010

2nd August: With the unexpected repayment from Rehema, I had enough
money in my account to make another loan. I therefore made my 30th loan to Betty Federoso who is from the village of Tangaro in the Philippines. She is 41 years old and is married with six adult children. She has a business selling fruit like mangoes and wild berries or rambutan (a tropical fruit) and has been engaged in her business for over three years. She needs the loan to buy more fruit to sell.

6th August: After my big news about Rehema, I today had not-so-good news about Loan 16 to Peter. I have received four out of Peter’s six repayments but his fifth repayment has not been forthcoming and his loan is now marked as delinquent.

16th August: Repayments came in and so I made my 31st loan to Hassin who lives in Rwanda.
Her husband is an agricultural officer in the district and they have four children between 5 and 15 years old, all attending school. Hassin trades in peas, wheat, beans and soybeans and plans to use the loan to increase her inventory of grains and vegetables. She intends to sell at least one ton of food products per month.

20th August: Additional repayments came in today. Loan 14 to Elver Venturi Mantari is fully repaid 4 months early!

31st August: An additional repayment came in for Loan 20 to Ramil Abdullayev. Ramil is quite a way ahead in his repayments.


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