The coils I wound for my Heathkit GD-1B Dip Meter

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The coils I wound for my Heathkit GD-1B Dip Meter

1.8 - 5.4 MHz coil: 98 turns of 36 AWG wire.

5 - 14 MHz coil: 28 turns of 30 AWG wire.

14 - 38 MHz coil: 10 turns of 22 AWG wire.

The coil forms are lengths of 1/2” CPVC pipe obtained from the hardware store. Two small holes were drilled for the wire to enter and exit. Where the legs are situated, the pipe was ground flat to produce the correct distance between the legs.

The legs are formed from 1/8” brazing rod. The pieces of rod were chucked in a drill press and rotated against a file to give a slight taper and a diameter that fitted the dip meter socket.

Using a wooden block with two holes drilled in it as a jig, the legs were soldered to solder tags that were then bent up inside the coil form to make contacts for the wire. The leg assemblies were then epoxied to the coil form.

A small stainless steel adjustable pipe clamp was fixed around the legs and coil form as a heatsink when the copper wire was soldered to the solder tags inside the pipe.

The turns of the 14-38 MHz coil were spread to adjust to the correct frequency.

All coils were finally varnished to fix the coils in place.