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I have always had an interest in electronics and so in the fall of 1993 I decided to get involved in ham radio. I lived in Markham, Ontario, at that time and I joined a local club, the Thornhill Radio Amateur’s Club (TRAC), and attended their Basic Theory and Morse Code classes.

On 24th December 1993 I passed the Basic exam and received my ham radio call VA3JEF. At that time, the qualification allowed me on VHF. On 18th January 1994 I passed the morse code test at 5 wpm and, immediately after, at 12 wpm. While my copying at 5 wpm was solid, my copy at 12 wpm was not and I had to make several corrections and fill-ins after the code was sent. Nether-the-less, it was a pass! At that time, the 5 wpm morse code qualification allowed me on 80 metres and the 12 wpm qualification allowed me on the rest of the HF bands. Finally, I did a self-study course on the Advanced Level and passed that although I have no record of when that was.

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Ham Radio

VA3JEF in Ontario

VE1JFA in Nova Scotia

Building my indoor trap dipole

   Measuring trap resonance with an MFJ-259 HF/VHF SWR Analyzer

   Building an “Ugly Balun”

Dip Meters (Heathkit GD-1B & HM-10A)

My Elecraft K2 transceiver

   Asymmetric filters

   Broken headphone jack

   No audio combined with full-scale S-meter

My morse code keys and paddles