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2650 Mark I (continued)

A photo taken in March 1979 of the personal computer that I designed and built derived from the April through June Radio-Electronics magazine articles.

This is a photo of the front panel that I designed and constructed from scratch including its printed circuit board that I designed and etched. to enter data I would set the 16 address switches to the address required, set the 8 data switches to the data required and the cycle the write switch.

Top row switches

At left is a reset button. Next to that is a switch that turned off all the LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) on the front panel when not needed so as to save power. From there to the middle of the board are 13 LEDs showing status signals. In the centre is the 5-volt regulator and next to that is the write switch. Finally there are the 8 data switches and LEDs.

Bottom row switches

At left is a switch that gave the front panel control of the address bus. Then there are the 16 address switches and LEDs.