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Hazelbury Open Air School - Feedback 7

April 2016 - Paul Atkins [1949-1951]

Hi Jeff, noticed your web site and wondered if you had any information or list of the pupils attending around 1950.

I was a pupil for a short time in the late forties possibly aged 5 to 7 with only a few memories: afternoon nap on the camp beds and porridge with brown sugar - plenty of (I think) Virol syrup too.

Paul Atkins

Hi, Paul. Thanks for your email.

I don’t have any information other than that contained on my website. Regarding pupils attending around 1950, there are several mentioned on the first of my Web pages; also, more are contained in the five pages of feedback.

If you do remember more about your time there, let me know. Unfortunately, my memory of pupils us not very good so I can sympathize if you have the same problem.

If you have any photos taken at the school or one of you at the age when you attended, that’s priceless.

Do you have any recollection of a school play put on for parents?

Where did you live when you attended the school? Where did the bus pick you up? Are you still living in England now?


Hello Jeff, thanks for the reply...

Unfortunately I only have very few memories of my early childhood. Born April 1944 and lived in Prefab housing after the war near the Angel Pub, Edmonton. We moved in 1950 to Lambs Terrace, Edmonton until 1975.

I remember going to Great Ormond Street Hospital with my mum due to being underweight and being prescribed malt syrup... great stuff. Also spent a short time in a children’s convalescence home maybe near Margate? I remember my mum and dad visiting me and my being so shy and not wanting to be with them or to have them take me out for tea. Then a spell at the Hazelbury Open Air School in Edmonton. I walked to the school only a few minutes away from my house. I have no pictures I'm afraid.

I later went to Silver Street Primary School (renamed Huxley School) on Silver Street.

I currently live in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

It would have been nice to access some old archives from the schools.


Thanks for the additional information, Paul.

You said “Also spent a short time in a children’s convalescence home maybe near Margate?” and I wonder if it was the Victoria Convalescent Home. I was there in 1947/8. See: ../about/about2.html


Jeff the only thing I remember was a firework display while I was looking out of a bay window seat. I remember that it was an large house with a wooden staircase. Mum and dad visited me and took me out to a tea room for some cake. Could be Margate or even Colchester. Mum and Dad have passed now so cannot ask them any more...

Not much help I'm afraid.


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