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Hazelbury Open Air School - Feedback 6

February 2016 - Mick Cheesman [1962-1964]

I was at the school from 1962 till 1964 and your site brought back a lot of memories. I dug out my old school book which I still keep from Mrs Male’s class. Incidentally I met Mrs Male about 15 years later when I was looking for a flat and she was selling hers. She still remembered me.

Pauline (Pauline Kenward [1961-1965]) mentioned about a ship’s captain named Hall and having to draw a map of his route. Well I have a map of his first voyage.

I will try to send you more information about my memories and will break them down into the subjects you have on the site.

I lived in Edmonton until 1980 and only moved up the road to Ponders End. I have been looking at a Facebook site for old Edmonton and have seen the name Avery on it. Do you still have relations here?.


Hi, Mick.

Thanks for your email. I would be interested in your information and memories of the school. If you have any photos, that would be great, particularly a photo of you at the age you attended the school. Scans of printed material like your map would also be interesting.

Our family moved from Edmonton to Bush Hill Park in 1956 but I still had a grandmother with the name Avery living there. She died in 1973. There are no other relations there that I’m aware of.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, Jeff.

Here is the map of Captain Hall’s voyage in the Crystal Gem that Pauline referred to:

Click on the map to see a larger version

Hi, Mike.

Thanks for the map. That’s great.

I went looking for the ship and found



March 2016 - Graeme Howard (a relative of Annette Howard)

Hi Jeff,

I  was wondering whether you had contact details for 'Pauline' who attended 'Hazelberry Open Air School between 1961-1965'

I am currently researching my family history and in 1965 visited my father's sister Millie SIMPSON nee HOWARD, living in Dawlish Road, Tottenham.

At that time I also met Annette (SIMPSON/HOWARD?) who my  Aunt said was attending 'Hazelberry Open Air School EDM 2656' because of asthma. It must run in the family as I had asthma when I was a child as well.

I thought I would Google Hazelberry Open air School and came across your site. I note that 'Pauline' attended the school from 1961 to 1965 which would have been the same time that Annette attended. I was hoping that she may recall or know of  Annette and possibly still be in contact.

Any help would  be really appreciated. If you are able to contact Pauline, I am happy for this e-mail to be forwarded to  her.

Your sincerely,

Graeme John Howard, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, Graeme.

I have forwarded your email to Pauline. It will be great if she remembers Annette. If she does, I would be interested in adding information about Annette to the website.


Dear Graeme and Jeff,

Sorry for the delay in replying; I've been away and not on emails during my holiday.

Good news and bad news ... the bad news first: I'm afraid I'm not in contact with anyone from the Open Air School other than through the website, nor was I particularly a friend of Annette at the school though I think we got on okay. 

The better news is that I immediately recalled the name, Annette Howard (definitely Howard, not Simpson - at least this may help you trace her further). I believe she had a sister called Bernadette, also at the school at the same time as me (I remember this because I thought these were such pretty names!).  I think Annette may have been a little older than me (could be wrong on that) and Bernadette a little younger, which would explain why I wasn't particularly close to either of them, though I think Annette may have been in Mrs. Male's class with me at some point, as the ages in any class were a mixture - 5 classes covered an 8 year age range in the pupils. Also, they weren't on the same bus as I was.

The girls I remember most clearly were Linda (Rogers), Margaret, Shelley (Selwyn), June, Brenda (Chester) and (on my bus) Anne. Boys were Richard, Norman, Fred (on my bus, older than me, always kept us laughing), Gareth (Whiting) and Philip (Widger).  I can't even recall the surnames of several of them. The only one I kept in touch with after I left at the age of 12 was Gareth, who sadly died (of cystic fibrosis) a couple of years later.

Sorry I can't help more!


Hi Pauline,

Thank you for your memories,

I  saw Annette and Bernadette when I was visiting my Aunt (Millie Simpson) in 1965 and lost contact when she shifted to Medway Rest Home. My brother and myself have been researching the family and he has got  back to the 1600's but recent family history is  proving more difficult.  At least I now know she was using the name Howard.

Once again, many hanks for taking the time to reply. Let me know if you ever come down under to New Zealand :-)


Graeme Howard

P.S.  Thanks, Jeff, for  passing the message on and likewise if you ever come to  NZ let me know.


Graeme Howard

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