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Feedback (continued)

Hi Jeff.

I was looking to see if I could find any of my cousins from my mum’s family and I was so delighted to find your webpage.

My name is Linda and I have a sister Pat. My mum was Elizabeth Brown (eldest of the girls). She married my dad Sid Trenter.

I remember Albert, Vicky, Christine and Jenny (who was just a baby), before they went abroad. We haven’t seen or heard from any of them for so many years and it would be so nice to get in touch again.

My Granny and Grandad Brown lived at 32 Gilpin Grove.


Hi, Linda.

Thanks for your email. I will add your email to the website which may lead to some responses. Do you have any photos of Gilpin Grove that I can use? Do you have a photo of what you looked like back in those days?


Sep 2017 - Linda Wilkins:

Hi Jeff.

Thank you for your reply. I have looked for some photos of Gilpin Grove but only have a few of the family which may be of interest to other  members of the Brown family.

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My aunts Doris and Violet and my mum Elizabeth Brown

Frank Brown, my mum’s brother

My aunts Doris and Anne, my uncle Bill’s wife, (I think her name was Florrie) and my aunt Ellen with Albert Shotbolt (then about 7 years old)

My mum Elizabeth Brown as a young woman

Back row: my granddad, my aunts Doris and Lil, and my dad Sid Trenter.

Front row: my aunt Ellen, Granny Brown and my mum Elizabeth with my sister Pat as a baby

(Pat is now 81 years old)

John Harvey and my aunt Ethel Brown’s wedding

with John Harvey’s parents and granny and granddad Brown