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Feedback (continued)

Here is a picture that you may find of interest because it is of several Gilpin Grove kids.

Back row third from the left is Derek Britain next to me, then comes Mr
Cross, the PT teacher; front row in the middle holding the ball is Freddie Evans and on the end right is Peter Bull, who lived on the opposite side of the Square to you.

Incidentally, Raymond , Freddie Evan's younger brother, played for Spurs and was the club captain: he was sold to Stoke City for a lot of money later.

I am grateful for your efforts to keep me in contact with my long lost

Click on the photo to see a larger version

relatives: ta!




Thanks for the photo, Albert. A question: do you have any information as to the date of the photograph? Also, I’m going to ask my sister Wendy if she can identify anyone else in the photo. You can click on the photo to see a larger version.


Feb 2015 - Albert Saunders (Shotbolt):

Hello Jeff, here is the information you have requested, as far as I recall:

The photo was taken in July 1955 when I was still 10; the others were all 11, except Peter Bull, who was even younger than I.

Back row left is Alan Coe(?) next to Raymond King, Derek Britain, me, Mr. Cross. The rest I am not sure about.

Front row left is Stephen Holloway, Roy Brown, Freddie Evans, Bernie(?) unknown boy, Peter Bull.



Hi Jeff,

I have heard from Roger Morley who was in our class, and the names we have are:

Back Row: Alan Coe, Raymond King, Derek Brittain/Britton, Albert Shotbolt, Mr Cross, unknown, Trevor(?), unknown.

Front row: Stephen/Roy Holloway, Roy De Boise, Roy Brown, Freddie Evans, Bernard Banks, Unknown, Peter Bull(?)

Wendy Crawley (Avery)

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Thanks Albert, Wendy and Roger. I have added the names to the photo. Can anyone else add to the names?


Hello Jeff,

I think that Mr. Cross did not have enough boys to constitute a workable squad so he brought in two from the year below: Peter Bull and the boy seated next to him. So I don't think you'll be able to name him easily.

Did you ever go to Saturday Morning Pictures at the Regal cinema? Sixpence got you a short film, a serial like Flash Gordon, a main film and a cartoon.

When the cinema closed in the early 60's, I saw The Rolling Stones, The Everly Brothers, Duane Eddy, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Dave Brubeck and loads of others, all on stage there.

When I was a policeman, I once had to work late after I had arranged to be home early so I dropped a copy of Flash Gordon, the latest version, to my home for my family to see in my absence. I did not know that I had been given Flesh Gordon!



Hi, Albert.

Yes, Wendy and I went to Saturday-morning pictures regularly. 6d, as you said. We lined up by the side door alongside the car park. I remember the birthday club; the organ that rose from below the stage while being played; us yelling kids. Great stuff. As usual, Wendy would probably remember more than I do.

I remember seeing Kit Carson, Highway Patrol, various cowboys, cartoons, Dick Tracy (?). There was always a serial and Kit Carson was one of them. At the end of a Saturday showing, the hero would be left definitely in the worst of health and presumed dead. The next week the serial would redo the last five minutes of the previous week and, due to some amazing feat, the hero would not fall over the cliff, not fall into the trap, as he did the week before but would manage to cling to something and haul himself back to kow-pow the villain.

I was at the Regal to see Duane Eddy, too. Didn’t he have Bobby Darin with him? That was a few years later than the days of the Saturday-morning pictures.

Our family would make a trip to the Regal to see a movie but Wendy and I wouldn’t sit with our parents; we sat on our own. Two movies I remember seeing in such a manner are "The Pit And the Pendulum” and “A Summer Place”. There must have been many more that I have now forgotten.

In later years when I went to the Regal with my friends, we sat in the “two and threes”, also known as “the neck-breakers”. That would be in the later years.


Oh, yes. I remember Saturday-morning pictures well. Before the entertainment started we all sang:

  We come along, on Saturday morning,

  Greeting everybody with a smile.

  We come along, on Saturday morning,

  Knowing it is well worth while.

  As members of the Junior Club

  We all intend to be

  Good citizens when we grow up

  And champions of the free.

  We come along, on Saturday mornings,

  Greeting everybody with a smile, smile, smile.

  Greeting everybody with a smile!

Do either of you remember the rousing tune? I do.

Wendy Crawley (Avery)

Hi, Wendy.

No, I don’t remember the words or the tune!

“Champions of the free” - that sounds so American!

There are a few hits I found on the Web. Here is one of them:


Look what I found!

Wendy Crawley (Avery)

Hello Jeff,

I did not remember any of that song at all, although I did recall that there was some sort of address to the audience, which often resulted in a comparison between our club and the one from The Granada ( Boo !)

There are a couple of people who I seem to recall were in Wendy's class but have not been mentioned in the Wilbury Way discussions: what happened to Brenda Jacobs and Sheila Graham? The latter went on to Latymer and lived in Gloucester Road, and I saw in a fairly recent Old Students' publication that she had written a successful novel.