Gilpin Grove, Edmonton, 1953, Wilbury Way School photo

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Wilbury Way School, 1953

This is a 1953 photo of my sister Wendy’s class at Wilbury Way School and some of the children are from Gilpin Grove. Wendy identifies the following members (a question mark denotes an unknown first or last name):

Can you add any names? If so, please let me know

Back row:   Carole Weaver, Roy De Boise, unidentified, Bernard Banks, Beryl Bagshaw, Wendy Avery, John Denford, Arthur Greygoose

Third row: Pamela Mason, Christine Johnson, Diane Coulon, Albert Shotbolt, Sandra Day, Ann Stokes, Kay Francis, Pat Williams, Derek Povey (did a lot of ballroom dancing), Roy Brown.

Second row: Brenda Cremer, Carol Chamberlain, Mary Shickle, Phyllis Goddard, Sandra Bullen, Steven Holloway, Janette Gravell, Eve Miles (a twin).

Front row: Alan Coe, ? Brandon, Roger Morley (played the piano very well), Trevor ?