Gilpin Grove, Edmonton: Who lived there?

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Special thanks to my sister Wendy Crawley whose memory is better than mine!

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Who lived in Gilpin Grove?


In Gilpin Cottage lived the Burrells family: George, who ran the coal business; Maud his wife; a son, Cyril, and daughters Pamela (Pammy), Sylvia (Sylvie) and Yvonne.

From Gilpin Cottage up to the square came the odd-numbered houses: Nos. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, continuing around the corner on the east side of the square with Nos. 13, 15, 17 and 19. On the south side of Gilpin Grove, on the opposite side of the road to Gilpin Cottage, were the even-numbered houses: Nos. 2 to 36. Then came the western row starting at No. 38 at the Gilpin Crescent end and ending at No. 66 at the College Gardens end. The remaining houses situated on the north side of the square were Nos. 68 to 74. Our family lived at No. 56.

On the right is an image of the entries that relate to Gilpin Grove in the 1952 Kelly’s Directory. From the entries you can see the family names of the people that lived in Gilpin Grove at that time. Click on the image to see larger version although even the larger version is blurred and a little difficult to read.

The children of Gilpin Grove


On the left is a photo taken at Wendy’s 6th birthday party in 1949. Wendy is on the far left and next to her, on her right, is Carole Clarke who lived at No. 64. I am in the centre in front
of the piano concentrating on my food. Some of the others are our cousins together with some unidentified Gilpin Grove kids. Click on the photo or here to see a larger version.

On the right is a 1953 photo of Wendy’s class at Wilbury Way School. Wendy is in the back row, third from the right. Click on the photo to see a larger version with a few Gilpin Grove children identified.

It’s not surprising that we remember more children’s names than adult’s names. Here are some that we remember:

    Sandra Price, who lived at No. 13;

    Pauline Glover, a deaf and dumb girl who lived at No. 15;

    Carol Chamberlain who lived at No. 22

    Tony Bullen who also lived at No. 22

    Albert Shotbolt who lived (with his grandparents?) at No. 36;

    Dicky Saxford and sister Sandra who lived somewhere at the Gilpin Crescent end. Dicky was also deaf and dumb.

    Richard (Dickie) Clarke and David Clarke, Carole’s brothers (they lived at No. 64);