Gilpin Grove, Edmonton, 1945: Street party photo 2

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Gilpin Grove, Edmonton, 1945

Street party to celebrate the end of WWII

The view is from the north-west corner of the square looking towards Gilpin Crescent. A second gas lamppost is visible on the corner. The stage set up for the party is to the left.

In the front row on the left is Cyril Burrells and sitting in the chair on the right is his sister Sylvia (Sylvie) Burrells. The woman behind the table holding the little girl is Pamela (Pammy) Burrells and the girl she is holding is my sister Wendy. I am tucked in, almost out of sight, to the right of her.

In the group of adults standing behind, my grandmother, Emily Louise Avery, is the one on the right with the short-sleeved white blouse. It’s possible that my aunt, Emmie Williams, is behind and to the left of her. My mother is three people to the left of them wearing a tall party hat.

I don’t have names for anyone else in the photo. The children standing in the street on the right are possibly from Gilpin Crescent.

Can you add any names? If so, let me know